Team Building  Events

Let's get your team talking. 

It’s more important than ever to nurture inspiration, increase team trust, and create opportunities for collaboration. 

Organizations of all sizes are struggling with post-pandemic social challenges, generation gaps and motivation challenges. 

We offer inspired group training and workshops for groups of all sizes, designed to bring your team back together and remind them how powerful they are when they collaborate.

Training is one of the key factors in employee retention and maintaining corporate knowledge.

Whether you’re looking to inspire or inform, our workshops are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


We've worked with all levels of leadership in organizations of all sizes. Our workshops are designed to get team members to collaborate, communicate and get back to business. 

Collaboration: It’s Time to Get Serious and Play

This workshop gets team members working together in a playful way that gets everyone on the same page. 

By the end of this workshop particpants have plans in-hand to work together in new ways.

Creative Brainstorming:

Sometimes accessing the most creative parts of our brains means shaking things up a little. Use play to create a safe container for exploring creative solutions, and dream and scheme new ideas.

Team  Building:

Come together, have some fun, build skills and cement the relational foundations that support your business. 

These fun, creative activities make memories, invite laughter and reinforce the best parts of working together as a team. 


Participants gain valuable insights into the critical elements of communication; verbal articulation, non-verbal cues, tone, active listening skills, and the written word.

Develop shared language to overcome intergenerational and intercultural communication challenges, empowering teams to convey their thoughts with intention and impact.


Burnout & Resilience:

Participants learn scientifically-backed-burnout-prevention methods and strategies to protect themselves, and their teams from overwhelm.

From mindfulness techniques and time management strategies, to effectively dealing with conflict before it becomes burdensome, this workshop has you covered.

Change Management

If there’s a big change on your organization’s horizon, reduce anxiety and get your team looking on the bright side with a workshop that will ease transitions big and small.

Don’t see a package that fits your needs?

We’re happy to build the perfect program for your team.

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One-on-One Leadership Coaching


It might be said that management is a science, and leadership, an art. We’ve all known those leaders, the ones who effortlessly inspire the toughest of groups with no more than a simple sentence. We call this this ‘the pied piper effect,’ and here’s the good news, it's a skill that can be taught like any other, and it’s one we love to teach.

Leadership is not confined to the upper echelon of an organization, leaders are needed at every level. Develop that intangible quality all true leaders embody with one-on-one coaching. In these intimate, highly focused sessions, we work with each client to uncover their authentic leadership style and transform them into the kind of leader anyone would follow. 

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